What is Joyful Psych? Why do its services have importance at this time?

Joyful Psych is a dream and a long-standing vision of Clinical Psychologist Joyson. He was early in his life motivated toward a social service sector like civil service, just like every humane Indian. Later he identified that imparting a meaningful change in the life of fellow human beings is mostly possible through the practice of social science, particularly psychology, wherein he could resolve the deep emotional issues underlying people’s conflicts and difficulties. He had started the same after acquiring the required qualification to manage mental health issues; M. Phil in Clinical Psychology. During his practice, he identified the roadblocks to good service delivery such as lack of service availability in the form of fewer practitioners, poor infrastructures, higher costs for services, and poor application of the latest evidence-based practices for the needy. Thereby he reached an understanding that a large-scale psychological intervention programme is the need of the hour, particularly in India for reaching unreached. With time in searching for a way to deliver the services to a large number of people, he artfully coined the motto of his psychological carrier as “Mental health for the Masses”.

These resource constraints mainly felt in India made him approach the problem and solve it through the help of the latest technological advancements like the internet, computer and smartphone devices. Through this, higher quality, standardised mental health services can be delivered to the masses with affordable expenditure as service cost and even, to an extent, free. Yes, the standardised is the first step and when there are specialized specific services needed for a particular individual they could be able to take the session/ service thereby bringing down the total expenditure on therapy. These understandings are the formulating principles of the service entity Joyful Psych. 

Through this movement, Clinical Psychologist Joyson Joy P believes that the dream of a healthier mind for all can be a reality without much wait. For that, let’s all together work for the well-being of all fellow living beings.

Goodness, yours, dear


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