Our Services

Mental Health Services Offered

Diagnostic and Disability Assessment for Certification

We provide assessment and diagnostical services for certification purposes in the areas of IQ, Developmental disorders like Autism, Specific Learning disabilities, Neuropsychological deficits

Counselling and Psychotherapy

We provide supportive counselling for mild to moderate levels of stress, adjustment problems, daily life challenges and workplace problems. For moderate to serious mental health issues or disorders like OCD, Anxity spectum disorders, Depression, Bipolar disorder Schizophrenia, Personality disorders, Family conflict, and Relationship issues psychologically oriented evidence-based psychotherapy is provided. These services are provided for adolescents, adult and elder (geriatric) clientelle. 

Speciality services as:

Sports Psychologist: Specially tailored psychotherapy for improving the performance of elite athletes.
Motivational Trainer: Special training programme for improving the social skills of those who are challenged with social anxiety, relationship fears, poor self-esteem and confidence issues. 
Corporate Clinical Services: Special counselling programme for the management of stress and challenges faced by the employees at the corporate workplace.